I am Ruby on Rails enthusiast, a coffee lover, passionate fantasy literature nerd and a dad to be…

Started long time ago as PHP developer and it did not suite my needs so then I thought how may I improve my situation?

I began to learn Ruby on Rails and for couple years now I am building apps in Rails and I have to say I love it :)

I was involved in various smaller projects to projects of size of intranet or CRM systems. Nowadays mainly focusing on bigger exciting projects. I still like environment of a startup, so I am trying to get involved in them as much as I can.

Other then that I graduated from MUNI (Masaryk University in Brno) just with Bc. degree, but Hey! that is also something :)

Do not hesitate to contact me on andrej@antas.cz, if it’s only help or even work, I will be glad to answer.